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What is ECLIPSE?
Eclipse is an open source community that is most well known for developing the Eclipse IDE. For those of you who are new to software development, the acronym IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment.

What is an IDE?

To be defined at the lowest level, an IDE lets you develop projects with a lot of code that is self generated by the IDE itself. It helps you to concentrate more on the actual functionality rather than concentrating on good programming practices like indentation/commenting/file organization. For novice developers, such as college students, using an IDE can give you the feel of how softwares are developed in the real word and how they are immaculately organized.

IDE's these days are glutted with a large number of features, such as drag drop, import/export, run/debug, precompilation etc etc. At times these may be confusing to the novice user. However, these features are not intended to obfuscate the user. Most basic functionality and common options are available for use easily and would not take much time to find. It hardly takes a matter of a few minutes or maybe an hour to get started.


Eclipse began as early as 2001. However it became a not ofr profit organization only in 2004. It comprises of industry leaders such as IBM, Red Hat, Suse, Rational Software and many more. However from the user point of view, the most compelling reasons for using ECLIPSE are :

1)Open source : So its always freely available.
2)Extremely powerful.
3)Well organized.
4)Average learning curve.
5)Appealing interface and design.
5)Adequate assistance from free tutorials and blogs.
6)Quality Documentation.

ECLIPSE is used everywhere in the industry, so its highly recommended for students to be at par with the industry standards. Moreover, ECLIPSE has such a large user base that you are almost always bound to find someone could resolve your problem and offer suggestions and tricks.

The official eclipse website link is given below.

Happy developing.

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