Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Windows Partition and Backup Tools

It’s been eons since I posted on this blog. Grad school kept me pretty busy. In the meanwhile I also created another blog that mainly deals with my thoughts on user experience and HCI. Anyways, with my graduation date almost around the corner, its time to resume writing at this blog as well.

Since this is almost as good as a fresh start, I just going to keep it short and write about 2 pretty useful tools that as a windows user you probably want to keep in your arsenal.

The first is EaseUS partition master
If you ever need to create partitions on your windows hard drive, because the C drive is just lame if everything is just in that one single drive, this is the tool to use. Best of all, it is free for personal use. So, just do yourself a favor and grab this one.

Then next one is SyncBackFree
As the name suggests, it lets you sync data across drives. If you are used to using WinSCP when designing websites to keep the files on your local and remote server in sync, you will find this tool extremely pleasant. This is what I use to keep a mirror image of my windows drives on my portable drive.

Signing Off